Wasfi Alshdaifat, the Time Bender

Wasfi Alshdaifat, the Time Bender

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Application WO2013088425 A2 is currently sitting at the Patent Office, and has been since April of this year. On the surface, the file looks just like every other file, but closer inspection reveals this file is far from ordinary. This file contains documents proposing a way to split the Fourth Dimension via a space compression, time dilation device (SCTD) for the purposes of time travel.   Alshdaifat’s patent application is a response to Marlin B. Pohlman’s request to patent his gravity distortion and time displacement method, claiming Pohlman’s science was flawed and only his patent proposal would really dilate time.

In the background information of the patent application, Alshdaifat wrote:

A recent invention titled a method for gravity distortion and time displacement , filed by Marlin B. Pohlman under patent publication No.: US 2006/0073976 A1, is aiming to create space-time curvatures (distortion) by the formation of Godel- type geodesically complete space-time envelops complete with closed time-like curves.It seems that the human thinking about time travel, is still governed by their desires and imaginations, and not governed by a deep understanding of time dilation, which is not a time travel to the future or to the past, it is an interaction in-between a matter owning four dimensions, with space-time owning four dimensions too, in condition that the matter is moving through this space at a relative speed of light.But since achieving the speed of light via the available tools, or even through those expected to be produced on the future according to the human available capabilities, is still beyond the expectation of the human beings, they tried to find a way for another solutions, which pushed them far away from the location where they should think deeply to find a solution.…Such a time dilation, would not take the human beings into the future or to the past, but it will slow the time on the enclosed matter, which lead to a vast scientific and economical benefits.

Alshdaifat then outlines a device that uses concentrated gamma rays to dilate time and slow it down, which he claims is a more realistic claim than Pohlman’s claim his device could move people either forward or backward in time. Alshdaifat wrote:

A method for making space compression, time dilation machine, depending on the known principles of space contract, and accompanied time dilation, in addition to a new assumption, that space and time are wavy, if the 3-dimensions of space are compressed, the 4th -dimension time which is vertical on the space is dilated, such that the time waves frequency (ticks) are decreased, due to the elongation of the observed length of the time waves.A six faces of a cone, made from a highly concentrated gamma rays layers, are created, by six gamma rays emitting rays through convex lenses, to create the cone, wherein the gamma rays passing the cone are reflected by concave mirrors again towards the layers, while the whole cone is compressed by the curved space in-between compressed facing magnets with similar poles, then compressing the cone inward, compresses the space enclosed by it, and dilate the time.

Patent office documentation indicates they have requested more information regarding Alshdaifat’s claim he has a right to patent the device, given the similarity to another patent application, presumably Pohlman’s. One interesting fact about Alshdaifat is his other many patent applications are for inventions such as improved washing machine mechanics, accordion covers for automobiles, and automobile tires. His application to patent his time travel idea is most certainly not like his others.

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