‘Time traveller’ from year ‘6491’ reveals SHOCKING discovery about FUTURE of human race

‘Time traveller’ from year ‘6491’ reveals SHOCKING discovery about FUTURE of human race

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A ‘TIME traveller’ from year 6491 has claimed to have found planets with life forms more intelligent than humans and warned conflicts have broken out between inter-planetary species, in a bizarre claim about the future of the human race.    The time traveller, named James Oliver, who claims to be stuck in the year 2018 after his time machine broke down, has said “countless” forms of species more sophisticated than humans exist on planets around the universe.

Questioned whether other life forms exist, he said: “Yes countless.  “Well not countless, but there are a lot of them.”  “There are other species and certain individuals which are incredibly gifted and very smart.  “It depends on both the individuals and the species, rather than just a generalisation.”  The time traveller said mankind had discovered far-off galaxies and colonised many planets, in futher outlandish claims.  Commenting on our exploration of space, he said: “We are finding new galaxies and new planets every day.  “Most of it is just nothing, every once in a while though you find some life on planets and hit the jackpot and other times you don’t.”  Yet in a more bizarre warning, the time traveller revealed conflicts have also broken out between inter-planetary species.  He said: “Yes, there have been certain conflicts.”  But the time traveller offered reassurance by stating that conflicts have been resolved by an inter-planetary governing body known as the ‘Federation’.  He stated: “The conflicts have been brought under control by the Federation very quickly.  “Planetary warring is forbidden of course.  “The whole of the Federation is there as a peace keeping vessel to make sure both sides get what they need from each other and to ensure a peaceful transition or peaceful negotiations.”  The video then claimed all his responses were “verified” by a “lie detector machine”.  Many viewers mocked the video. One wrote: “Nice advanced clothing and body mods you have there. Please can you show us your portable particle accelerator next time please!?”  Another commenter wrote: “We all know its fake but still entertaining.”

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