Time travel SHOCK CLAIM: Man from the ‘year 2030’ says ALIENS become ALLIES with the US

Time travel SHOCK CLAIM: Man from the ‘year 2030’ says ALIENS become ALLIES with the US

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A “TIME TRAVELLER” claiming to the be from the year 2030 has stated that in the future aliens will become an ally of the US and the majority of the world in a shocking admission, it has emerged.    The man insisting he is from the future, Noah, made the incredible claims in a recent interview.  He was asked: “Is the USA in an alliance with the aliens from 2030?”  Noah responded: “Yeah they are, so the aliens are practically allies with the whole world except for some religions that are saying they must be dealt with and everything.  “America is allies with them.”   However, the “time traveller” did not detail when aliens will emerge or how the alliance will form.  Noah also insisted Donald Trump will seek reelection in 2020 and will secure another term in the Oval Office.  The “time traveller” added Yolanda Renee King will be a future leader of the United States.  He detailed the age limit to be President will be lowered by 2030 to allow the granddaughter of Martin Luther King to be voted in.

He went on: “In 2030 it’s Yolanda Renee King.  “They lower the age to be president in the future and Yolanda Renee King becomes president.  “She’s been giving so many speeches recently, even after I said she was a future president.”  The man claiming to be from 2030 also stated “during the next war” a small number of people will be drafted into the military.   He was asked: “Will people be drafted into the military?”  Noah responded: “Yeah, only a small amount of people are drafted during the next war, it is not a world war but basically only a small amount of people are drafted.  “If you are talking about the US only during that time but that is just a small amount of people that got drafted.”  Despite making the shock claim, Noah did not disclose when the “next war” would break out.


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