Michael Kwok’s Time Shifting Robots

Michael Kwok’s Time Shifting Robots

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Michael Kwok is another wannabe time traveler who submitted his plans for an artificially intelligent, group of robots sharing one massive brain giving them the ability to monitor the position of everything in time and space at all times in January 2008. The robots in his proposal then use atom manipulators to move objects along the continually monitored timeline. Kwok has also filed patents on the hardware and software behind the human artificial intelligence machine, as well as his plans for a second artificially intelligent time machine.

Kwok wrote in his patent application for a Practical Time Machine Using Dynamic Efficient Virtual and Real Robots:

A method for time travel, which allows an object or a group of objects to travel into the past or the future, as well as a method to cut objects from the past or future and paste them to the current environment. The present invention, called the practical time machine, requires teams of super intelligent robots that work together in the virtual world and the real world to generate a perfect timeline of planet Earth. The timeline of Earth records all objects, events and actions every fraction of a nanosecond for the past or the future. A time traveler will set a time travel date; the time traveler can be one object or a group of objects. Next, atom manipulators are scattered throughout the Earth to change objects in our current environment based on the timeline; and incrementally, change the current environment until the time travel date. Each atom manipulator is intelligent and manipulates the current environment as well as generating ghost machines to manipulate the current environment. Also, components of the practical time machine can be used to create technology for the purpose of: building cars, planes and rockets that travel at the speed of light, building intelligent weapons, creating physical objects from thin air, using a chamber to manipulate objects, building force fields, making objects invisible, building super powerful lasers, building anti-gravity machines, creating strong metals and alloys, creating the smallest computer chips, collecting energy without any solar panels or wind turbines, making physical DNA, manipulating existing DNA, making single cell organisms, controlling the software and hardware of computers and servers without an internet connection, and manipulating any object in the world.

He too has yet to see a patent approved.

The public has also yet to see time shifting robots materialize.

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