Marlin B. Pohlman  Patent a Time-Travel Device Based John Titor’s “C204 Time Travel Theory”

Marlin B. Pohlman Patent a Time-Travel Device Based John Titor’s “C204 Time Travel Theory”

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time-bender-rapistIn April 2004, a man named Marlin B. Pohlman filed an application for a patent on his method of gravity distortion and time displacement. The computer scientist started his time-twisting project to occupy himself while undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His application filing made headlines throughout the world, but so far, 9 years later, his application has not been approved by the Patent Office. The documentation retrieved using a Google Patent Search all refers to his class A1 application, and not a Class B1,  granting of a patent.  Pohlman used Robert Geroch’s Splitting Theorem, and the work from a few others, to conclude space-time could not only warped, but with the right equipment, one could move throughout space-like boundaries. You can read the application for yourself online.   In addition to Pohlman’s mysterious claims, there is the question of his possible connection to a man known as John Titor, who claimed to be from the future, but was sent back to 1975 so he could retrieve computer parts to debug their attempts to use ancient software. People began connecting the two when it was discovered Pohlman’s patent application was strikingly similar to time machine plans Titor published in a time traveler forum years before.  The fact his patent application has not been approved is probably a good thing, because earlier this year he admitted to an Oregon judge, “I probably made a math error.” He wasn’t in court to discuss his patent application though, he was in court facing charges alleging he drugged and sexually assaulted four women between the ages of 19 and 27. The latest update on his court troubles indicate he is awaiting trial, and trying to make the court-issued bail amount of $1.5 million.  Depending on the outcome, we might eventually see Pohlman come back with an improved plan to warp time and change his present situation.

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