Margaret Mead Talking about the UFOs

Margaret Mead Talking about the UFOs

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Margaret-Mead-and-the-little-green-men“Yes! There are UFOs,” stated anthropologist Margaret Mead before her death. In a passionate plea, the inquisitive scientist noted that “even the most cautious and painstaking investigation does not explain the phenomenon. This much, at least, we have to accept.” Mead’s own studies have shown that “thouzands of sightings have been reported, and not only by individuals alone at night who are faced with the terrifying spectacle of a shinning disk hovering soundlesslyover the trees, or touching the ground and then suddenly taking off vertically with a tremendous burst of speed. Pilots have continually reported sightings, and sometimes several planes have given chase-always unsuccessfully. Persons unknown to one another have described identical phenomena seen in the same night-or daylight-sky. Radar tracing are not uncommon either, and occasionally fleeting views have been captured by cameras.” What does the late internationally renowned anthopologist think flying saucer might be? She never reached any conclusions, and remained as objective as possible. She did credence to the late Dr Carl Jung theories. “Jung neither rejected nor accepted the reality of UFOs, ” she explained.

What he suggested was that there is also a psychological component – what he called a ‘living myth’ or a visionary rumor that is potentially shared by all human beings in a period of grat change and deep anxiety about the future. UFOs, Jung speculated, might be a worldwide visualized projection of our uneasy psychic state, but, he also postulates that the two unknowns – UFOs and our human visualized projections – may simply ‘coincide in a meaningful manner’.

But suppose UFOs are real, and that they do come from other plantets and star systems, as many people claim? How can we account for the fact that they haven’t openly contacted any government here on earth or landed en masse? Ms. Mead never let this worry her, as she fit these questions ito the “scheme of things” without any difficulty.

The most likely explanation, it seems to me, is that they are simply watching what we are up to-that a responsible society outside our solar system is keeping an eye on us, in order to see that we don’t set in motion a chain reaction that might have repercussion far outside our solar system. It is plausible to attribute to extraterrestrial creatures such intentions-as plausible as any that we urselves at present are capable of imagining.

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