Helen Wheels and the UFOs

Helen Wheels and the UFOs

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When she’s on stage, Helen Wheels gives a totally “non-nonsense” performance; her antics as part of the New York punk rock scene is most legendary. The stories goes that she used to open beer bottles with her teeth, and probably her closest ally remain her pet snake Lilith, a 95 – pound Colombian boa who used to wrap itself around Helen’s neck as the band blasted out some fairly heavy numbers behind her. Helen wheels is probably best known in the music industry for the sogs she composed for the popular Seventies group Blue Oyster Cult. “Sinful Love,” and “Tattoo Vanpires,” went platinum, and according to Timothy Green Beckley “several gold records for her writing accomplishments hang proudly in the entrance-way to her Manhattan appartment.” (Timothy Green Beckley, UFOs Among the Stars, p. ?) Even if she keep busy with numerous projects, the Queen of metal is never too busy to discuss her various UFO abduction experiences when she is with the right person.

I had just turned twelve in May of 1961, and this all happened about a month later. […] Back them I was living with my parents and my brother, Peter, in Rockville Centre, long Island, and on this particular day I remember it being rather warm and hardly a cloud in the sky. As my brother and I stood chatting in front of our house, we noticed five faint ‘spots’ in the sky. Before we had a chance to gfigure out what they might be, they had zoomed up real fast and were now within a relatively close distance. (Timothy Green Beckley, UFOs Among the Stars, p. ?)

The spots, and Helen is positive about that, were disc-shaped UFOs, “not real shinny, but definitely metallic.” She says thet crafts were so low down in the sky that they could see windows in the ships, and later under hypnosis she recalls a shadow passing in front of one of these port-ways.

It must have been a Saturday at around noon as I don’t remember us being at school that day, […] we were litterally frozen in one spot as the discs took up V-formation before our eyes. Neither Peter nor I had been into science fiction and we hardly knew how to relate to these things. Suddenly, my brother went to run into the house to tell our mother what was going on, but he didn’t get very far because from the lower left-hand object came a brilliant blue ray that hit Peter and halted him in his tracks.

At this point, the very next thing Helen remembers is seeing this “huge cigar-shaped, windowless, silver ‘mothership’ bigger than any blimp.”

It just sort of appeared and as it moved along, it more-or-less ‘absorbed’ the five discs. We didn’t see them actually go into the ship or being swallowed up by it, but they were gone till finally this ‘cigar’-shaped ship moves four blocks away from us, tilts to a 45-degree angle and rapidly takes off straight up. (Timothy Green Beckley, UFOs Among the Stars, p. ?)

At this point, her brother Peter is laying unconscious in front of Helen, but she knows not to try to disturb him, like if she knew something.

It’s hard to explain, but I was in telepatic contact with my brother at this time. I asked him if he were dead and he ‘said’ without speaking any words, ‘No, but I don’t want to have to talk about this.’ So I stepped over his body, went up to look out the window till supper time. (Timothy Green Beckley, UFOs Among the Stars, p. ?)

Upon regaining his composure, Peter shook the cobwebs out of his head, and proceed to the library to take out a stack of books on UFOs. “We looked through these books all night, but never spoke about the subject the next 13 years’,” Helen reveals, as odd as it may seem. It was only about eight years ago that brother and sister would begin the lengthy process of jointly confonting what happened to them.

Peter was first to undergo hypnosis, and I followed two years later when I agreed to see a private UFO researcher. Pete Mazzola, in addition, was a police officer with the New York Police Department and was trained in investigative procedures. Together Peter and I passed voice stress tests administered by Mazzola at the John Jay Police Academy. and later I was placed under hypnosis by Missing Time author Budd Hopkins. (Timothy Green Beckley, UFOs Among the Stars, p. ?)

While in an hypnotically-induced state, Helen recalled far greater details than her conscious mind was able to drag up.

While standing on the lawn, I was hit by a white beam of light and actually ‘vacuumed up’ into the disc that had struck my brother with the blue ray. I was in a small, round, dark area and a tall being came and got me. For some reason I wasn’t really afraid of him, as he kept reassuring me through messages in my mind. The only problem was that the ‘audio’ – if you want to call it that – was turned up so high that I felt like my head was going to explode. Taking my hand, he held me into a control room in which there were all sorts of dials, meters and lights – kind of like a cockpit. Gently he put me into a reclining chair and, leaning back, I could see nothing but an expanse of black space and stars that were not twinkling. As for the alien who ushered me around, he was approximately six feet tall, had a huge head, but a very slender body. He wore a one-piece jumpsuit that was blue-metallic color with no snaps, buttons or zippers visible anywhere. He had light gray skin,, huge wrap-around dark eyes, dots for a nose and a slit for a mouth, and when he moved he didn’t walk but appeared to float. During all the time I was in his compagny, we never spoke, but he was able to ‘reach me’ through my brain.

For all purposes this being acted like he was some kind of “cosmic huide,” while the the entities she was to meet next had Helen wishing all the UFO people were as friendly as this first alien appeared to be.

Next I found myself in another compartment with eight or nine tiny guys and a floating table. I felt frightened in their compagny, particularly since they did not keep reassuring me like the ‘big fellow’ had. Suddenly, I was on this examining table and they were looking down at me with those large bulging eyes of theirs. Something very painful was shoved up my nostril to the extent that it put a hole in my nose and blood poured out. Later, my mother took me to the Doctor for this, so I have some proof this was not a dream or a hallucination.

Thinking back on what happened, Helen says this experience in the examination room reminded her of a well-run dentist’s office, where you really didn’tw ant to be, but where the doctor knew what he was doing, regardless of your personal comfort.

I felt totally violated, as if they had proceeded against my will, and for this reason I do not know if I can ever completely trust them.

After the examination was completed, Helen found herself being transported back down the beam of white light to her Rockville, Long Island Home, “where I’m back on the front stairs and I’m stepping over my brother’s unconscious body.” Since the day she underwent hypnotic regression, the talented signer and composer says she has recalled yet other experiences at the hands of what can best be called “aliens,” for lack of a better term. “I’ve had a couple of additional sightings – some in the compagny of others,” Helen notes. “As for the large alien who I refer to as ‘Grown Up,’ he’s made his presence known other times as well. I can remember as a child him holding me in my room. On several occasions, he had what I call the ‘Dough Boys’ with him. There are the little grays who look so much alike that they could be clones. Usually they just stand there and do nothing. The big fellow normally has a large box that he carries with him that has a red light on top.

When he first appears, he is fairly tiny and then he begins to grow. The box he carries may have something to do with his ability to transfom into our reality.

And whle Helen says “they” haven’t been around her for a while, things are still not fully as they should be.

For a long time I had the power of ‘dream comtrol,’ where I could wander off anywhere and be in any circumstances I wanted to be in my dreams. This lasted for three years and it was really eerie. Even now objects will appear and disappear by themselves. For example, just recently I was looking for a folio of songs done by the New York band, The Dictators, and it was nowhere to be found. Then just the other day I sat down to work on some songs, and there it was, right in front of me.

Even Peter Robbins, her brother, has found his life totally changed after their childhood experience. In addition to appearing at conferences and seminars to discuss his own abduction experience, the talented stage manager and writer is currently working on a book dealing with a case in England known as the Bentwaters Affair” (see From Out of the Blue by Jennie Randies, Inner Light Publication), in which the military actually established contact with the occupant of a UFO that landed on the outskirt of two NATO bases.

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