Hacker says NASA is Editing out UFOs from the Videos Before Releasing Them

Hacker says NASA is Editing out UFOs from the Videos Before Releasing Them

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Gary McKinnon

This hacker believes that NASA blanks out UFO images before releasing videos to the public.  Meet Gary McKinnon who thinks that NASA is editing out the parts of UFO appearances in the videos it releases to the public and it has been doing so for years. He is a avid UFO watcher and has faced a 10-year fight against extradition to the US after breaking into computer databases of NASA, US military and the Pentagon.  According to McKinnon, NASA and the US government has known for years we are being regularly monitored by UFOs from far-flung galaxies. But it believes that the general public wont be able handle the truth, or it would lead to the breakdown of religion and society and it has been successfully withheld the information by covering it up.  McKinnon says that his interest in UFO’s and NASA coverup built up after former NASA contractor Donna Hare went whistleblower in November 2000 with claims that NASA staff digitally edited out UFOs from satellite pictures before they were released, from Building eight of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

To prove whether Hare was right or wrong, McKinnon hacked into computer databases of NASA, there US military and the Pentagon, from his girlfriend’s aunt’s home in London. McKinnon said their security was so lapse he was able to regularly gain access to entire databases for between 18 months and two years.

First, while scouring US Navy databases, McKinnon stumbled across a file containing a list of “non-terrestrial officers” with their ranks and names and a separate file of “material transfers between ships”.

Mr McKinnon believes he may have found confidential evidence of a secret space base. McKinnon has released 4 videos based on his findings

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