General Douglas MacArthur’s Revelation: UFOs about to Invade

General Douglas MacArthur’s Revelation: UFOs about to Invade

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macarthur-ufoAs incredible as it may sound, there are numerous presidents, politicians, high ranking military and world leaders that have either privately or publicly expressed their belief in the existence of the UFOs or have at least commented on them. General Douglas McArthur, for example, believed at one point that the UFO were about to invade Earth. General Mc Arthur became interested in UFO when they were known as Foo-Fighters. During World War II, General Douglas McArthur learned first hand that something pretty strange was going on when many Allied pilots reported that their bombers were being followed on a regular basis by some mysterious balls of glowing light that seemed to be under intelligent control. Initially, the reports were classified because the military suspected that the disk could be a secret German aerial device. According to writer John Keel, MacArthur realized the significance of the matter when, during the summer of 1946, he was personally called upon to examine reports coming from Sweden and Norway of unexplained “Ghost Rockets” that seemed to be plaguing the sky over those Scandinavian nations. After examining litteraly hundreds of those reports the General became convicted that some unearthly power was behind the observation of cigar-shaped craft that often hovered and then shot across the sky at what were tehn considered to be fantastic sppeds. Some of the “Ghost Rockets” may have even crashed, and it’s possible that MacArthur was among the first to examine wrecked alien craft. (Timothy Green Beckley, UFOs Among the Stars, p. ?)


Once in the private sector, MacArthur began to collect reports of UFOs and read up on the subject. Several times durng the end of his life, he made some fairly “far-fetched” statements about unidentified flying objects.” (Timothy Green Beckley, UFOs Among the Stars, p. ?) Among others, in october 1995 MacArthur once told an audience this stunning revelation:

The nations of the world will one day have to unite – for the next war will be an interplanetary war […] The nations of Earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.

Later, at an adress he have at West Point Military Academy in 1962, MacArthur repeated his rather bleak forecast when he stated:

We speak in terms of harnessing the cosmic energy… of ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy…

macarhur-mars-attackSupposedly, it was General MacArthur who first briefed Harry Truman on the importance of the Government’s ongoing efforts to monitor UFO activity. According to Timothy Green Beckley, “following the crash of a space ship outside Roswell, new Mexico, in July of 1947, every U.S. President since has been fully informed about UFOs once he has taken office, despite the fact that before being elected, they have been kept in the dark like everyone else. ” (Timothy Green Beckley, UFOs Among the Stars, p. ?) Thi is the reason why, according to him, that “promises of some presidential candidates to be more forthcoming about UFO after being elected have faded in the inaugural glow” and that “reminders of these promises later on were almost always ignored.” (Timothy Green Beckley, UFOs Among the Stars, p. ?)


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